How We Work

D.P.R. Builders & Developers Inc. Serves Western Washington & Oregon

We have experienced and certified crews in the following construction trades: all types of roofing, construction of pole buildings, concrete fabrication, gutter manufacture and installation, sewage system installation & inspection, and heavy equipment operation.

Site Selection & Choosing a Building Design

A representative from DPR Builders & developers will come to your property to get to know your requirements, ideas, and site options. On the spot, they’ll help select a site and work with you to find a design direction to fit your needs and budget. Your representative will be qualified to answer your financing and process questions, and if you like, get the building process underway. If your project will be financed through your own lender or paid for in cash, it can be started with a $000 initial deposit.

Drafting The Request An Estimate & Obtaining Permits

Any of our hundreds of designs can be modified to suit your requirements without sacrificing quality. A representative will create a detailed building drawing according to your specific needs. Once the full set of blueprints have been finalized by our designers, our permitting department will apply for and obtain all necessary permits. We employ a full-time permit technician, as well as permit runners who maintain working relationships with various jurisdictions, to help expedite the permit process for our customers.

Scheduling Your Project

Once permits have been obtained, site preparation work completed, and payment terms met, our Construction Department will schedule material deliveries and your construction. Experienced area supervisors and construction foremen will work together to manage your project. Any questions you may have regarding the building process — before, during or after construction — can be answered by either your foreman or our administrative construction office.

Building Construction

Qualified crews will construct your building safely and efficiently. Inspections are scheduled at specific points in the building process to keep your project on schedule and to guarantee maximum quality. The end result is a building you’ll be proud to own.

DPR is a licensed building contractor serving all of Western Washington & Oregon.

Since 1979, DPR has provided top quality design and construction services.